About Us

Kcitrics is a company dedicated to the export of high quality fruits. We work and study in the way of offering our clients the best options and being able to work with the tastes of their country.

Don Kevin J. Graham in 2017 decides to export citrus to England; being the first country to recive his product. In the year 2019 decides to join a global export company. Creating one of the best fruit distributors.

Kcitrics is not only dedicated to exporting citrus, also exports values, satisfaction, trust and security to their customers.

Market Presence

In recent years we have implemented an expansion policy, letting us to export a large part of our product to major capitals in a lot of countries.

Kcitrics locates their clients internationally, being competitive in markets such as England, Gales, Germany, Canada, Netherlands, Norway and Denmark.

Being one of the first to export in South America, countries such as Chile, Peru, Uruguay and Brazil.

Our intention is to continue gradually expanding the list of countries to ensure the number of consumers of our product grows day by day. The quality of our products and our know-how have no borders.

Quality Certificates