our varieties


November to January

The Navelina Orange is round, globular, of good size, but a little flat. It has a medium to large size. The rind of the Navelina Orange is of medium thickness and peels easily and its rind is deep orange in color.

Among the most outstanding characteristics we find that it has no seeds; it has a soft and sweet flavor, very tasty; it contains a lot of juice inside; as well as a very thin membrane that makes it almost dilute in the mouth. For all these reasons, it is perfect both for eating and for juicing.

Navel Washington

January to February

It is a very appreciated orange in the market because it has a very good color, a good caliber and a perfectly spherical shape.

Being an orange of a very large caliber and with such a good appearance, it is a very appetizing and pleasant orange for many consumers. It is an orange with a very good flavor with some very subtle acid and bitter touches. Its segments have a tender, juicy and tasty texture with a high concentration of juice per piece, making it ideal both for squeezing and for eating whole.


February to May

The rind of a Navelate is very smooth, but also thin. It has a light orange color that could be considered pale. Visually it is also identifiable because it has a slightly more oval shape than the rest.

Its flavor and aroma are really sweet and smooth. They are full of juice, much more than other varieties.

Lane late

February to April

This orange has a medium to large size. Its pulp has a firm texture, which allows us to obtain a large amount of natural juice.

It is the orange to consume as table fruit par excellence, due to the texture of its pulp and, also, for its smooth, balanced and sweet flavor. Another characteristic of these oranges is their large amount of juice; thanks to this, they show a perfect yield for juice, being able to obtain a glass of natural orange juice with only one orange.

Navel Powell

April to July

The fruit is large and of excellent quality. Seedless. Orange color. The shape of the fruit is round. Like the rest of the varieties of the navel group.

The richness of the orange juice content is low acidity and high concentration of sugars, being the percentage of dissolved solids, total acids and Maturity Index, very similar to the Washington Navel, although larger. It has a greater adherence to the stalk and greater firmness.


April to July

Fruit size is excellent, with rounded or slightly ovoid shape, fine texture and good coloration. Fruit color is less affected by summer greening than the other late Navel varieties.

The fruit is also very firm, with very good adherence to the peduncle, maintaining these characteristics throughout the summer. It has a high juice content and does not present problems of granulation. The flesh is deep orange in color.


April to July

Barnfield Oranges are large in size and orange in color. The apical shape is rounded and they have a navel, variable in size depending on whether the fruit is thinner or coarser, and not very visible on the outside.

The flesh of Barnfield Oranges has a high percentage of juice and very good organoleptic properties. The juice obtained acquires a bitter taste quickly, due to the presence of limonin.

Valencia Late

May to July

Ellipsoidal to spherical shape more or less flattened and medium to large size. The rind is quite thin and smooth. The pulp is strong and compact at the beginning of the season, although its juice yield is already excellent and its slightly acid taste is very suitable for commercialization. In mid-season the fruit is sweet, with low acidity and high juice content. They are seedless and have very good storage and transport conditions.

Valencia Midknight

May to July

The fruits are orange, oval to spherical in shape and similar in size to those of the Valencia late. They have a smooth and thin rind. They have a lot of juice and a slightly acid taste. The oranges are seedless, although a seed does occasionally appear in some of them. This variety of oranges has very good conditions for conservation and transport.