Our varieties

Possibly the Nº1 in Pitahaya Imports in Europe

From the fields of Ecuador, Brazil, Colombia and Peru we supply all year round.

Red Pitahaya - White Pulp

It has a red rind, usually more oval than the red pulp, tender, juicy and sweet and sour taste. It presents numerous small edible black seeds. The color of the pulp and the delicate flavor of the same reminiscent in part to the kiwi, and make it very pleasant.

(Code PtA-001)

Red Pitahaya - Red Pulp

It has a red rind, a slightly rough yet smooth skin, bracts (leaflets) instead of thorns, and red flesh with small black seeds. It is characterized for being the sweetest of its sisters.

(Code PtA-002)

Yellow Pitahaya - White Pulp

It is an elongated fruit about 10 cm long. It has a slightly rough skin of yellow color and covered with protuberances like buttons. Its interior contains a white pulp, soft and sweet flavor, which comes out easily when the fruit is ripe. This species is more aromatic and refreshing than its red-skinned sister.

(Code PtA-003)